Vivien Goldman

“No-One’s More Punk than Vivien Goldman”

Pitchfork Magazine

Vivien Goldman is a feminist post-punk artist who was at the forefront of London’s ‘70s and ‘80s punk and reggae scene. She started her career in music as a member of new wavers The Flying Lizards before becoming one half of Parisian duo, Chantage. Her eclectic musical crew consisted of avant-garde bands The Slits, PiL, and The Raincoats as well as reggae group Aswad and musician Robert Wyatt.

In addition to her own artist project, Goldman is an esteemed songwriter having co-written the trip hop classic “Sly” on Massive Attack’s 1994 album ‘Protection’. Her list of other collaborators includes Ryuichi Sakamoto, Coldcut and Luscious Jackson, and several of her songs have been sampled by The Roots and Madlib.

Goldman released her visionary EP ‘Dirty Washing’ produced by John Lydon and Keith Levene in 1981. Thirty years on, with contributions from producer Youth (Killing Joke, The Orb and Paul McCartney), she delivers her eagerly awaited first album ‘Next is Now’. This 2021 release features her most recent single, “I Have a Voice”, inspired by the uncertainty of Brexit and the 2020 US elections. The project emerged after her solo career was re-launched by the popularity of her 2016 LP, ‘Resolutionary’, a reissue compilation of her 1980s music which led to a sync placement within HBO’s drama series The Deuce for her song “Launderette”.

Goldman is also known as a writer, educator, broadcaster and the adjunct “Professor of Punk” at NYU. A widely published journalist who kicked off in the UK 1970’s rock press, her award-winning sixth book, Revenge of the She-Punks, was released in 2019 and is published in seven editions.


Twitter: @PunkProfessor

Instagram: @VivienGoldmanForReal

Photo credit: Alexesie Pinnock

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