Jack Bessant

Jack Bessant is a solo singer-songwriter and the bassist for platinum-selling rock band Reef.

In 2020, the rock and folk musician partnered with High Head Recordings via his own label, CHEDX Records, to distribute his albums ‘Been Notified’, ‘Lucky Mountain’, ‘Peacemaker EP’ and his most recent single, ‘Brother Thunder’.

Jack established The Cheddar Experiment open mic night in 2012 to nurture the local music scene, share songs and jam with other musicians. This led to Jack releasing his first solo album, ‘Been Notified’, in 2015, which was recorded in his farmhouse on an 8-track tape machine accompanied by The Cheddar Experiment band.

“This is my journey… gaining the confidence to just stand in front of a mic with a guitar and harmonica and share songs from the soul that have meaning, emotion and heart”, explains Jack about his solo project.

Alongside his music, Jack is also a committed surfer and active member of his local skate community. He has hosted a number of fundraisers for Cheddar Skate Park over the years including auctioning the white label pre-release of his album, ‘Lucky Mountain’.

In October 2021, Jack introduced the ‘Brother Thunder EP’ as a limited-edition vinyl, accompanied by an animated music video, to coincide with the launch of his new online store.


Instagram: @jackbessant

Facebook: @jackbessantmusic

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