At Kassner Music we provide a full range of international music publishing services with an unparalleled personal touch, achieving greater long-term success and earning potential for our clients.


Our creative approach is all about connection. We develop relationships based on a mutual love of music, fostering new opportunities and inspiring artistic development.

Collaboration & Development

Whether you are an established or up-and-coming songwriter, we will offer the support you need to develop your music. We secure introductions to the right industry partners, supply briefs and arrange co-writes with other talent.

Promotion & Placement

Drawing upon our long-standing network of relationships, we expose your music to managers and record labels, and proactively promote your songs to engage artists with your material worldwide.


A combination of insight, analytics and attention to detail ensures your music is correctly represented and accounted for, delivering the greatest value from your music with speed and transparency.

As we look to the future, we are exploring the exciting opportunities that new technological solutions could afford our clients and how early adoption could redefine the transaction process and present enhanced financial security.


We know that a quick response is essential when it comes to seeking clearance for the perfect song. Catering for all project sizes, territories and budgets, our expert licensing team will handle each request individually and in a commercial-minded way.


With digital music services providing fresh possibilities for music and its audiences, we constantly look for new services to licence, ensure your rights are protected and efficiently collect your royalties (down to fractions of pennies).

Song Registration & Income Tracking

We register your songs globally with local collection agencies via direct society membership or through our international group of sub-publishers, utilising the local expertise of our regional affiliates to guarantee comprehensive income tracking.

Royalties & Accounting

Our Royalty and Accounting departments are at the heart of our administrative excellence, focusing on methodical and data-driven processing to maximise your revenue with fast and accurate payments.

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