Transistor Music Takes over the Full Song Catalogue of John Howard

Kassner Music client Transistor Music has made a substantial addition to its roster in the form of piano-playing singer-songwriter John Howard. The exuberant glam, pop and folk artist reignited his musical career after his 1973 album, ‘Kid In A Big World’, originally released on CBS Records, was reissued in 2005 and received hugely positive reviews. Since then, Howard has produced many publicly admired albums.

The signing follows the June release on CD in the US of ‘Collected: The Best Of John Howard’, a two-disc, 38 track career retrospective that begins with John’s first ever single on CBS, “Goodbye Suzie”. It takes us on a journey through 50 years of work, from his early pre-CBS demos to a new track on his forthcoming album. You can read more about the compilation set via Ian Canty’s review in Louder Than War magazine here.

Currently, John is writing and recording material for his new record due out later this year and releasing the third volume of his biography. He also provides piano and vocals on projects by other artists, including the song “Baby, Walk Out with Your Darling Man” on Ex-Norwegian’s recent album ‘Sing Jimmy Campbell’.

Listen to a selection of John Howard recordings via the Spotlight playlist above, administered by Kassner Music.

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