Tangerine Records Release ‘True Genius’ Box Set, the Ultimate Ray Charles Collection

In celebration of what would have been Ray Charles’ 90th birthday, Tangerine Records, the label he founded in 1962, has released the box set ‘True Genius’, a definitive collection of his works.

Featuring 90 newly remastered recordings spanning Ray’s legendary career, this six CD package includes 16 iconic hits represented by Kassner Music. Click our bespoke playlist to listen to tracks such as “Hit the Road Jack”, “Feel So Bad”, “Your Love Is So Doggone Good”, “America the Beautiful”, “Stranger In My Own Hometown” and many others.

The box set also contains a special bonus disc of eight previously unreleased songs, recorded live in Stockholm in 1972, and a beautifully designed 44-page book complete with rare, unseen photos and other Ray Charles memorabilia. This prestigious release has created long-awaited access to Ray’s music for generations of fans around the world, with the recordings it comprises now available on major streaming services for the first time in over a decade. In addition, an abridged two LP version will be issued on 19th November.

Charles pioneered soul music by combining gospel with rhythm and blues and his ground-breaking move into country music, during the heart of the Civil Rights Movement, helped to break down racial barriers while elevating the genre to worldwide popularity. Ray Charles uniquely succeeded in recording in virtually every style of music including soul, R&B, jazz, blues-country, rock and pop, often blended in unprecedented ways. It is small wonder that Frank Sinatra dubbed him the only “True Genius” in music. This visionary singer, songwriter and pianist brought his expansive creations to an international audience and forever changed the face of music across the globe.

Charles’ staggering achievements over a 58-year career included 17 Grammy Awards including the Lifetime Achievement Award, an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the President’s Merit Award and countless other accolades.


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