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In Conversation with Adam Mitchell

19 Jul 2021

"Adam Mitchell's ability to write in a diversity of styles is only possible because of his solid grasp of the fundamentals of great songwriting." Paul Stanley - KISS Meet multi-platinum selling songwriter, producer and musician, Adam Mitchell, whose songs have been recorded over 150 times in different languages and genres by legendary artists including KISS, Johnny Cash, Linda Ronstadt, Merle Haggard, Bonnie Tyler and Waylon Jennings. During this…

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In Conversation with Claire

14 Oct 2019

Meet multi-award winning songwriter Claire Rodrigues-Lee, the mastermind behind some of the Asian market’s biggest hits of recent times including Red Velvet’s “Candy” and the Girls’ Generation tracks “Indestructible” and “It’s You” (from the No. 1 album Holiday night). Claire was introduced to the huge opportunities that exist for placing songs in the Asian market…

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