Joe Smooth

Joe Smooth is one of the most respected house music DJs, known as an innovator and pioneer of Chicago house, a genre that originally emerged in the late 80s. Internationally recognised around the world, Smooth has gone on to work with an array of successful artists including Ludacris, Whitney Houston and Destiny’s Child.

It was Smooth’s late 80s debut solo album “Promised Land” that propelled him into the public eye and helped him gain wide acclaim for his work as a producer. The title track “Promised Land” (1987) is a song about how humans should unite with love and was a big club sensation upon release, but only achieved mainstream success when English band The Style Council’s cover of the song reached the top 20 in the UK Singles Chart two years later. The hit has been covered several other times since its release, most recently by the House Gospel Choir in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, showing just how important ad powerful the message of the song is to this day.

The house classic is now at the forefront of sync interest, with placements in films and TV shows including Netflix’s explosive mystery thriller ‘White Lines’ (2020), Fat Boy Slim’s documentary ‘Ibiza – The Silent Movie’ and in video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.