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Loft Music Logo 21 October 2010


The Kassner Music Group today confirmed that it had completed a deal to represent the publishing catalogue of Newcastle-based production partnership Loft Music|.

Loft Music is owned by Andrew Archer and John Elliott, better known to the music industry as DJ/producer duo Trafik|, one of the foremost acts on seminal label Global Underground. Highly respected in the dance music community, in addition to three artist albums the duo have mixed compilations for Global Underground and other dance labels amassing total sales in excess of 1 million and remixed tracks for the likes of UNKLE and former Kylie Minogue producer Dave Seaman.

The Loft Music partnership was set up by Andrew and John as an agency specialising in producing and writing music for sync licensing. Successes include uses of Loft compositions such as Trafik’s Indestructible in hugely popular US shows CSI:NY and CSI: Miami and the creation of numerous video game soundtracks for clients of the standing of EA, Ubisoft and Sony.

Through the deal, the Kassner Music Group will represent the songs on Trafik’s second album, Club Trafikana|, together with all their future output, and also the music of the talented pool of writers and composers affiliated to Loft Music. These include fellow DJ/producer duo Audionova| and a variety of acts being developed by Andrew and John, such as hotly-tipped indie band The Soviets| and up-and-coming artiste Hattie Murdoch|.

Alex Kassner from Kassner Music commented: “We are extremely pleased to have concluded a deal with Loft Music. We were hugely impressed with the quality of Andrew and John’s music as soon as we heard it and look forward to working with them to generate co-writes and additional sync opportunities. We are also hopeful that, with Loft Music looking to develop local talent like Polarsets| and The Soviets, the deal will help us tap into Newcastle’s creative breeding ground.” 

Loft Music partner John Elliott also expressed his enthusiasm for the deal: “We’re very happy we’ve signed this agreement with Kassner Music. It allows us to concentrate fully on creating and producing music. We feel we have found a kindred spirit in the music industry and are looking forward to an exciting future working together.

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