Kassner Music is a leading global independent music publisher founded in 1944 by Edward Kassner. Representing hits from every decade over the past 100 years, our multi-genre repertoire includes the creations of some of the most universally celebrated songwriters of all time with iconic copyrights such as “You Really Got Me”, “All Day and All of the Night”, “Rock Around the Clock”, “Bang Bang”, “Hit the Road Jack”, and “Love of the Common People” amongst many others.

Inspired by these songs that have shaped generations of artists, we are committed to our clients and the creative process, promoting our copyrights to maximise their potential in today’s international and digital environment.

Based in London, we provide a full-range of administrative and artistic services, leveraging our worldwide presence to contribute to the success of our roster and the next wave of emerging talent.

Music Matters

We uphold a long-term vision for the company and our relationships within the industry as a whole, driving sustainable growth and securing our position in the market as a devoted, self-financed independent music publisher.As part of that vision, we believe we have an important role to play as advocates for the songwriting community. We actively participate in influencing government policy and industry initiatives that will benefit our clients and the music we manage.We are members of various trade organisations for music and our management team serve on the board, or as committee members, at the Music Publishers Association (MPA), PRS for Music, ICMP and IMPEL.

The Human Touch

At Kassner Music a family culture shapes the way we operate, which translates into care, equality and inclusion for our employees, clients and peers alike. We invest our time in listening to what matters to people, creating an unrivalled personal service built on collaboration, integrity and above all, trust.

Meet the Team

We are a dynamic and dedicated team with a diverse range of skills and decades of collective know-how, who are motivated by a desire to help our clients achieve commercial success and fulfil their creative aspirations.

Our Management