Company Profile

KAP Logo The Kassner group has a heritage of over 65 years and represents one of the great independent catalogues of popular music that includes Rock Around the Clock ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK by JIMMY DE KNIGHT,MAX FREEDMAN|, You Really Got Me YOU REALLY GOT ME by RAYMOND DAVIES| and All Day and All of the Night ALL DAY AND ALL OF THE NIGHT by RAYMOND DAVIES|, tracks widely acknowledged to have changed the face of popular music with their release. The total number of owned or administered copyrights currently exceeds 70,000 and we are actively looking for new songs and writers to represent. We maintain a modern and well-run operation with an international network of affiliates and sub-publishers, providing outstanding personal service to all our clients. Above all, we are committed to the creative process, understanding and protecting the value of music in a rapidly evolving global environment.