Article 13: Ensuring the U.K. remains a world leader of music

A vote in the European Parliament on the EU Copyright Directive takes place on Thursday 5th July 2018. The music community is spearheading a movement to implore politicians to support the legislation, with particular focus on Article 13.

Sparking considerable debate, Article 13 would force the hand of user-generated services such as YouTube and Wikipedia amongst many others from the tech industry, including Google, to close the value gap and be held accountable for all copyright-infringing material uploaded on their platforms.

The value gap is the growing disparity between the worth that user upload services extract from music and the revenue returned to those who are creating and investing in it. 

“The Internet giants and the consumer organisations they fund have whipped up a social media storm of misinformation about the proposed changes in order to preserve their current advantage,” wrote PRS for Music CEO Robert Ashcroft.

Today, the IFPI released a letter to Members of the European Parliament from Sir Paul McCartney which urges MEPS to “uphold the mandate on Copyright and Article 13”.

“Music and culture matter. They are our heart and soul. But they don’t just happen: they demand the hard work of so many people. Importantly, music also creates jobs and economic growth and digital innovation across Europe.

Unfortunately, the value gap jeopardizes the music ecosystem. We need an Internet that is fair and sustainable for all. But today some User Upload Content platforms refuse to compensate artists and all music creators fairly for their work, while they exploit it for their own profit.” says Sir Paul.

Kassner Music voiced its support of Article 13 for a fairer and more sustainable future for the music industry with a submission letter to the MEPs (included below):

Dear Members of the European Parliament,

We are a music publishing company established in 1944 with a song written by its founder Edward Kassner and recorded by Dame Vera Lynn. From this very humble beginning, Edward was able to grow a worldwide operation, helping to launch the careers of several great British songwriters along the way. Sir Ray Davies, Leslie Bricusse and Eddy Grant are just a few of the names whose careers started at our company.

We are still a self-funded family-owned organisation, with the business managed by Edward’s children and grandchildren, and “We feel proud to be custodians of a small but important part of the UK’s great cultural legacy. We remain thankful for the opportunities that music has given us. We think it is important that such chances should not be denied to the generations that follow us because of the imbalance that currently exists between the revenues generated by online platforms and the amount that they distribute to songwriters and artists. Only if creators are properly remunerated for their work will music continue to be one of the UK’s most successful exports. We are asking you to help ensure the UK remains a world leader of music and creativity by supporting Article 13 in the forthcoming vote on the Copyright Directive.”

Yours sincerely,

The Kassner Music Group

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