Chicane: New studio album released

Chicane: New studio album released

‘The Place You Can’t Remember, The Place You Can’t Forget’, is the eagerly-anticipated seventh studio album by Chicane. The LP reflects a shift in time and change of location alongside a return to the soul-searching, achingly-addictive classic sounds of the songwriting/ producing powerhouse.

Chicane’s tracks evoke distinct memories of past times, places and emotions and there is plenty on this new album satisfy every feeling. The ethereal opening of ‘Running to the Sea’, pure exuberance of ‘Nirvana’, lamenting of ‘I Came Here for You’ and heartbreak of ‘Fear I Must First Let You Go’ are just a few of the unforgettable rhythms that come together to form this hard-hitting album, resonating with the Chicane of old and Chicane of now.

Recorded with a host of guest vocalists and writers including: Rosalee O’Connell, Chris James and Paul Aiden, the most poignant collaboration for long-standing followers will be Chicane’s team-up with Tracey Ackerman (of ‘No Ordinary Morning’). Tracey co-writes and performs on ‘Serendipity’, the first single to be released.

1. Running to the Sea 

2. Gorecki

3. Serendipity

4. Love That’s Hard to Find

5. Chord-Less Yacht

6. Rainbow

7. Nirvana 

8. Judder 

9. I Came Here for You 

10. Ten Deep

11. Fear I Must First Let You Go