IMPEL: A new era in digital licensing, boosting indie publishing rights

IMPEL: A new era in digital licensing, boosting indie publishing rights

In a radical, even revolutionary way, independent publishers have grouped together to form a new collective licensing agency to represent their digital rights. IMPEL (Independent Music Publishers’ E-Licensing) Collective Management Ltd. is 100% owned and controlled by its members, free from any trade association or collection society, an evolution of the IMPEL formed in 2010.

IMPEL offers the benefits of united rights management and the ability for independent publishers to combine their repertoire and offer it on a multi-territory basis to major digital music service providers through a single rights manager. Current members include Kassner Music, Bucks Music, Reservoir Media Management, Beggars Music and Truelove Music amongst others and they have appointed SACEM as their processing and distribution partner, effective from 1st July 2018.

Leaving the MPA umbrella and selecting SACEM as the chosen partner was due to the society’s ability to maximise online and digital revenue, continued focus and investment in the most innovative technology (such as URights their on-line processing platform), in-turn increasing transparency, faster payments and enabling IMPEL members to negotiate their own licensing terms. The society will track, capture and distribute the value of online music. 

“We believe that SACEM fully appreciates IMPEL’s goals and Cecile Rap Veber (Executive Director, Licensing & International) and her team, recognising the potential for growth that the independent sector carries with it, met and exceeded our expectations in terms of the levels of service they have offered.“ said David Kassner, Managing Director at Kassner Music. “Being an independent has advantages which include being able to adapt more quickly to the market and to discover and develop new opportunities. IMPEL provides a great chance for independent publishers to work together and support an initiative that will enhance our capability to maximise those advantages. “

Andy Heath, Beggars Music Chairman and part of the taskforce running IMPEL also believes “It’s very difficult for any digital service provider to operate without the IMPEL rights, because we control material by some of the biggest artists in the world!”

IMPEL is confident that this new initiative will attract indie publishers from around the world who wish to benefit from a licensing organisation from whom complete transparency is possible and also to have control over the licences which will dominate their revenues in the future.

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